HARD BITTEN (or, on Making Poetry Great Again)


Glen Phillips

Photo credit: Alessandra Capodacqua

Media bites proliferate like
malarial mosquito bites—
from playschool we have passed
to the play place of our kitchens
which rule a world where bedrooms
merely twitter. Twice bitten you
might say when another sound-bite
trains you for life in gulps and gusts.
Oh, the life that flickers past faster
than a cardsharp’s shuffling of the pack!

And twice shy now, too shy to gaze
into the depths for truth, wisdom,
we are the hard bitten. We face
the book of life and scratch the itch.

February, 2017.

Glen Phillips

Glen Phillips

Born in Southern Cross, Glen Phillips has taught English for many years at Edith Cowan University In Perth Western Australia, where he currently lives. He is the Founding Director of ECU’s International Centre for Landscape and Language. His poetry is represented in 30 anthologies, and over 40 individual volumes. His poems have been awarded prestigious prizes, have been translated into several languages and are object of graduate studies. His more recent books include Alpi e Prati: Poems of Italy (2014), Poems of the Wheatbelt (2016) and Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons: Chinese Poems (2016).
Glen Phillips

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