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Nicolò Panzeri

This series of images stems from a personal reflection on the environment and how industries have affected it through their development. To conduct my research in Northern and Central Italy, I visited places that had been contaminated by different types of chemicals.

Pollution can have an impact on air, water or soil. I decided to use a photographic procedure that consisted in taking pictures of polluted areas with a Polaroid camera and then have them developed while in contact with the contaminated element – air, water, soil. These elements, as well as fire, have very different properties, and they all had an impact on the development of the images, that came out visibly damaged. Some of the areas I visited had been already restored to healthier conditions and considered clean by all legal standards. I have decided to visit these areas anyway, since I believe that these kind of events leave an everlasting mark.

Nicolò Panzeri

Nicolò Panzeri

Nicolò Panzeri (Milano, IT, 1991) will be soon completing his photography studies at Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence.

He has worked for various online magazines, including Milanoize, and was one of the editors at ISO400, a website dedicated to analogue photography.

Nicolò is one of the founders of the ZERONEGATIVO Collective, officially presented during the International Festival "European Photography" in Reggio Emilia in 2016.

The most recurrent themes in his work are related to environmental topics and how humans affect the ecosystem. Even if his approach may appear conceptual however - as for example in the work Sătŭra —it always encapsulates a strong socio-documentary-based research.

Group Exhibitions:
• 2014, Ex Fornace, Milan
• 2015, "The Darkroom Project", TAG - Tevere Art Gallery, Rome
• 2016, Istituto dei Bardi, Florence
• 2016, 'Sătŭra' - Biennale Giovani Fotografi - Cifa Bibbiena, Arezzo
• 2016, SiFest, Savignano sul Rubicone
• 2016, Le Murate PAC, Florence
Nicolò Panzeri

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